When it comes to protecting your loved ones and valuables you don’t want to install home security yourself unless you know what you’re doing.

When it comes to installing home security yourself you’ll want to make sure you are experienced in electrical wiring as well as fixing and installing deadbolts and door locks.

If you have the experience and you’d like to go ahead with a self-installation you should remember to:

If you’re installing a head duty lock system, make sure the door is equipped for the load that will be placed on it. The door and lock should be comparable in strength.
Consider including outdoor motion detecting sensors outdoors, so when a burglar approaches your home, the alarm will go off.
Install a secondary lock or deadbolt on all doors that lead outside.
Set up cameras in the main areas of your home as well as outside.
Place a lock or deadbolt on any outdoor tool sheds, pool sheds or storage units.

By installing a home security system yourself you can save on the cost of labour. You can purchase the system you’d like online and have it delivered to your home or pick it up instore.

On the upside of installing it yourself, you can install it on the weekend rather than taking a day off to be home for the installation with a professional.

However, if you don’t have the expertise or patience level to install the type of system you want, it’s best to hire a professional. The installation will go smoothly and quickly due to this expertise and ease of operation.

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