Energy Saving Tips To Lower Electricity Bills

There’s no doubt that energy prices are too damn high and continue to climb up, which means that you’ll have to spend more on your monthly electricity bills.

Lowering your bills don’t require spending money on green power gadgets or sacrificing your sanity. A few simple steps and new habits can cut down your household’s energy consumption and help you save money in the long run. Not to mention, you’ll be reducing your carbon footprint.

1. Compare Energy Plans

Check how much you’re paying per kilowatt hour. You could be paying more than you have to. Find out if you can get a cheaper deal for your household’s needs by comparing energy companies.

Though free gifts or vouchers are quite tempting, don’t give in easily and keep in mind that the best deals are the ones that suit your energy use patterns.

2. Identify Power Guzzlers

You may have appliances and other household items that are energy inefficient and costing you a fortune by using on a daily basis. Identify these appliances and items and replace them with energy-efficient ones or use them more efficiently or less often to help cut costs.

Replace incandescent bulbs with efficient compact fluorescent light (CFL) globes. Switch on lights appropriate to the level of light your activity needs. Dry your laundry on the clothesline on a good weather instead of using the clothes dryer. Use heating and air conditioners only when necessary.

3. Electric Hot Water

Electric hot water can account for a third of your total annual power use. Try switching to an off-peak, hard-wired electric hot water system if you’re on a single rate tariff. You can also reduce your overall electricity consumption by decreasing your thermostat setting.

Washing your clothes with cold water and taking shorter showers can also help you save money since less water needs to be heated.

4. Consider Switching To Natural Gas/Solar Powered Heating Systems

Natural gas is not just cheaper to run but it also produces lower carbon emissions than coal. Check whether the option to switch to natural gas is available in your area and can be connected to your home. Although the installation of solar panels can cost a fortune upfront, solar energy is a clean and efficient source of energy that can save you money in the over time.

5. Small Things Add Up

You might be wasting energy and money without even realising it. Appliances and electronic devices still use energy even on standby mode, so unplug them when not in use. Take advantage of the sun’s natural warmth by opening the blinds and curtains during the day, but keep them closed if you have the heating running. A little research on how to be more energy efficient can help you save a fortune.