5 Factors That Could Keep You From Getting Life Insurance

Life insurance can give your loved ones a financial safety net when you pass away. Though the market is swamped with life insurance policies, there are times that getting approved can be an uphill battle.

Aside from your health conditions, here are five factors that insurance companies take into account that can affect your life insurance application.

1. You Are A Terrible Driver

Since most fatal wrecks are results of reckless driving, one of the things insurance companies might check out when you apply for a life insurance is your driving record. If your driving history is filled with fender benders, speeding violations, or more serious offences, then the insurer will see you as a bigger risk.

2. You Are A Thrill Seeker

Accidents can happen at any time. If you have an adventurous outlook and a daredevil who likes to engage in dangerous hobbies such as sky-diving, rock climbing or white water rafting, you might have a hard time getting a life insurance policy. The riskier your lifestyle is, the more cautious the insurance company gets when it comes to extending your cover.

3. You Don’t Make A Lot Of Money

This may come as a surprise, but insurance companies might take into account the size of your paycheque. Depending on the insurer, you may have to prove that your income is above a certain threshold in order for the company to cover you.

4. You Regularly Travel Overseas

If you regularly travel abroad either for business or pleasure, such frequent getaways can make a life insurance company to put a stop on your application. Insurers designate risk levels to different countries based on the possibility that you’d acquire a serious illness while you’re there. So, staying in places labelled as “hot spots” for a long period of time may work against your application. It’s either you’ll end up paying higher premiums or you’ll be rejected.

5. You Mess Up The Application

Often when you’re applying for life insurance, you’ll have to answer a voluminous list of questions about your health and finances. Not telling the truth and stating wrong information can be grounds for a denial. Even if you unintentionally make a mistake, leaving out important information or guessing about something could get you a raised eyebrow. This is especially true with things such as your height and weight because any inaccuracies will eventually show up on a medical exam. So, be as honest as you can be.